Seminaris de Recerca Severo Ochoa

Dimecres, 31 Gener, 2018

This seminar is part of the "Bioinfo4Women" series.

Dilluns, 11 Desembre, 2017

This time we have a two days seminar with a tutorial format. The talk is free of charge but registration is required. The seminars will take place the 11 and 12th of December at Sala d´Actes of FIB.

Dilluns, 20 Novembre, 2017

This seminar is organized jointly with UPC TelecomBCN school. This session will include two talks from industry leaders in the field of artificial intelligence.

Dilluns, 23 Octubre, 2017

This seminar is jointly organized with the High Performance Computing research group (CAP) of the Computer Architecture Department at UPC.

Dimarts, 11 Juliol, 2017

The most common software update on the AppStore *by far* is "Bug fixes and performance enhancements." Now that Moore's Law Free Lunch has ended, programmers have to work hard to get high performance for their applications. But why is performance so hard to deliver?