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BSC-CNS hosts MareNostrum, the most powerful supercomputer in Spain. MareNostrum has been upgraded from its installtion in 2004 to keep the machine in the top positions of the TOP500 list, as one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe.


Marenostrum is part of the PRACE Resarch Infrastructure as one of the Tier-0 Systems currently available for European scientists and part of the RES (Spanish Supercomputing Network), the RES network joins the most powerful supercomputers in spain to provide HPC resources to all Spanish researcher communities.

Access to MareNostrum is possible through either national RES, Application Form and european programmes PRACE, Application Guide.

These resources and expertise are not just available remotely. Spanish scientists as well as European ones can visit BSC-CNS through the available mobility programs in order to work together with our experts in supercomputing and learn more about how to improve their work and research results.


MareNostrum is managed by the Operations team, which takes care of its availability, security and performance. An important task of this team is to support scientists in the usage of MareNostrum, as well as to help them to improve their applications to get better research results.

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