Insurance Services

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We work with (re)insurance companies to understand their requirements in terms of climate data, aiming to deliver better-tailored information to support decision-making. We also conduct market analyses to understand additional information needs and the economic potential of such information for that sector.


We are engaging and interacting with a wide number of organisations through surveys, workshops and interviews to establish an inventory of existing needs and user requirements in terms of climate information. This work is accomplished in six different sector of activities as part of an eleven organisations consortium, spanning six European countries, with vast expertise in climate and the ability to engage directly with end-users. Working with users in the insurance sector allows us to focus on technical feasibility, market needs and gaps that could be filled with additional research. The ultimate aim is to translate user requirements into freely available climate services that will provide an added value to users for the benefit of society.


  • Analyse requirements of the insurance sector in terms of climate information
  • Identify gaps in terms of needs and availability for that sector of activity
  • Deliver recommendations to C3S on future needs to support better decision-making.