3. Awards and Prizes

Named honorary doctorate from the University of Murcia (UMU), in Murcia (Spain), January 2024 https://www.um.es/web/sala-prensa/-/la-umu-reconoce-como-doctor-honoris-causa-a-mateo-valero-cort%C3%A9s-referente-internacional-en-supercomputaci%C3%B3n

Award for Scientific Communication: for the program “Som investigadores” from BSC – CNS. 07th June 2022

Honarary Member of the “Real Academia de Medicina de Zaragoza”, an institution founded in 1831 by King Fernando VII: honored by its important scientific activity. Zaragoza, December 21, 2021.

Honorary Collegiate Award of “Noitte Gallega” from Colexio Profesional de Enxeñaria en Informática de Galicia for its world leadership in the field of supercomputing. Santiago de Compostela, October 29, 2021.

Fellow of the Asian-Pacific Artifical Intelligence Association (AAIA) from April 2021.

Correspondant Academic of the Academia de Medicina de Zaragoza. From 18 December 2020

HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards for RCA: Outstanding Leadership in HPC in November 2020 for “HPC pioneer since 1990 and the driving force behind the renaissance of European HPC independence”.

Premio Anual AUTELSI 2020 - Award given by the "Asociación Española de Usuarios de Telecomunicaciones y Sociedad de la Información" (AUTELSI) for the excellence for being a reference on the tecnological area and for their support and agreement with the data tecnology, 26th march 2020

"El Govern de la Generalitat de Catalunya y la Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació (FCRi)" awarded  the "centro conjunto Repsol – BSC Research Center" with the "Premio Nacional de partenariado público privado en I+D de 2018", 3rd Desember 2019.

Premio Cénits a la Excelencia Investigadora. Premio otorgado por la Fundación COMPUTAEX en la celebración de su X Aniversario. Jornada 10 años de Supercomputación en Extremdura. Cáceres, España, Marzo 22, 2019.

Aguila Azteca. This is the highest prize given by Mexican government to a non mexican person. From April 2018.

Elected Correspondant Academic of the Academia de Ingeniería de México From April 2018

Elected Honorary academic of the Real Academia Europea de Doctores From March 2018.

Academic of the Academia de Gastronomía de Murcia From February 2018

BSC award. MareNostrum 4, chosen as the most beautiful data centre in the worldThe award, organised by @dcdnews, has been granted by popular vote. Decembre 2017.

Named Honorary Doctor by Cinvestav in México September, 2017

“Charles Babbage” Award by the IEEE. "For contributions to parallel computation through brilliant technical work, mentoring PhD students, and building an incredibly productive European research environment.” April, 2017.

Award received because of his prominent trajectory in the scientific and technical development by University of Guadalajara in México and the National Committee of the International Congress  ISUM, International Supercomputing Conference in México.
Guadalajara, March, 2th, 2017.

Named Honorary Doctor by University of Granada May 2016

Honoured with Creu de Sant Jordi. For his work in the field of computer architecture. It is the highest recognition granted by the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya. April, 2016.

Gold Medal by AMETIC (Multi-sector Association of Electronic Companies

in recognition of scientific contribution, professional and human qualities. Barcelona, February 2016.

Seymour Cray Award 2015, granted by the IEEE Computer Society “in recognition of seminal contributions to vector, out-of-order, multithreaded, and VLIW architectures”.

The Seymour Cray Computer Engineering award is one of the IEEE Computer Society’s highest awards, and is presented in recognition of innovative contributions to high-performance computing systems that best exemplify the creative spirit demonstrated by Seymour Cray. SC15 Austin, Texas, November, 2015.

FEI Award for Innovative Research Category 2015, Madrid, November 2015

“Open Universes” Award

presented by the Knowdle Consortium Group (Open Research category) Madrid, November 2015.

Euro-Par Achievement Award.

“For special contributions to Parallel Processing”. Euro-Par Conference. Vienna, Austria, August 2015.

Named Honorary Doctor by the Univeristy of Cantabria. March, 2015

Named Honorary Memberof the Catalan College of Computer Engineering COEINF,Barcelona, May 2014

Award of Honour presented by ACE

Catalan Association of Telecommunications Engineers and COEINF, the Official College of Computer Engineering.

Barcelona, 20 February 2014.

Distinguish Service Award from ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery.

“in recognition of his leadership of initiatives in high-performance computing research and education, including the HiPEAC European Network of Excellence and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center”. San Francisco, June 2013

Named Honorary Doctor by UCM University Complutense of Madrid. May 9th, 2013.

Elected Correspondant Academic by the Academy of Science of Mexico. September 2012.

First National Award from Generalitat to the cooperation between research centres and companies.

Awarded to BSC and IBM for their long and fruitful collaboration in research. Barcelona February 2012.

Severo Ochoa Award to BSC, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

This Award was presented by the Spanish Minister of Science and Technology to recognizes BSC as one of the 8 best research centers in Spain. November 2011.

Founding member of “El Arbol de las Matemáticas”.

This is an initiative of the Spanish Royal Society of Mathematics and of the Universia to recognize Latinoamaerica researchers on Mathematics and IT Technologies.

Since November 2011.www.arbolmat.com

Named Honorary Doctor by the University of Zaragoza in Spain. Zaragoza, 11th February 2011.

Harry Goode Award, from IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Citation:

“in recognition of Seminal contributions to vector, out-of-order, multithreaded and VLIW processor architectures”.

Named Honorary Doctor by the University “Veracruzana”, in México. Xalapa, 28th. May 2010.

Named Honorary Doctor by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain, November 2010.

Elected Academician of the European Academy,June 2009.

Elected member of the Europe Council of ACM,the Association for Computer Machinery. June 2009 to April 2011.

“Hall of the Fame” member at the ICT European Program.

Selected as one of the 25 most influential European researchers in IT, Information Technologies, during the period 1983-2008. Lyon, France, November 2008.

Platinum Medal as Distinguished “Aragonés”,

on occasion of the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Guarantee of Origin of “Cariñena” wines.

Awarded by the Advisory Board in “Cariñena”, September 2008.

Named Honorary Doctor by the University of Belgrade in Serbia.

Belgrade, September 2008. He has been the first expert in Computer Science named honorary Doctor by this University.

Named Honorary Doctor by the Chalmers University of Technology.

Gothenburg, Sweden, May 2008. He has been the first expert in Computer Science named Honorary Doctor by this University.

“Aragón Award”. Known as well as “San Jorge Award”,

is the most important award of the “Comunidad de Aragón”. Awarded by the Government of Aragón. Zaragoza, 23rd April 2008.

Eckert-Mauchly Joint Award in 2007, the most important award in the world to recognize research in the field of Computer Architecture

by the IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery.

Citation: "For extraordinary leadership in building a world class computer architecture research center, for seminal contributions in the areas of vector computing and multithreading, and for pioneering basic new approaches to instruction-level parallelism."

Member of the “Royal Association of knights of the Monastery of Yuste”. Yuste, June 2007.

Special Award “Aragonés of the year 2007” to recognize research. Zaragoza, May 2007.

Aragon is a region in Spain where professor Valero was born.

National Award “Leonardo Torres Quevedo” that recognize the engineering research in the 2006. This recognition is awarded for the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology to recognize the work in Engineering research, and was presented by the king of Spain.

Awarded by the Catalan Foundation

for Research and Innovation as a researcher who have made a significant contribution to the development of Science and Technology in Catalonia. Barcelona, July 2006.

Member of the Royal Academy of Science and Arts of Barcelona. Barcelona. Since February 2006.

Correspondant Academic of the Spanish Royal Academy of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences. Since December 2005.

The Public College of his native town of Alfamén (Zaragoza) was named after him in October 2005.

Aragon Scientist of the Year 2005. Awarded by the “Casas Regionales de Aragon.”

Lifetime recognition award for “Spanish Engineer in Computer Science”.

This Award was presented by the organizers of the first Spanish conference on Computer Science, Madrid, July 2005.

Cambrescat Award for the best professional trajectory in the field on Information Technology and Communication.

Awarded by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce,November 2005.

Lifetime award in recognition of research.

This award is presented by the Instituto Politécnico Nacional de Méjico, Ciudad de Méjico, April 2005.

Lifetime recognition award for “Spanish Engineer in Telecommunications”.

This Award is presented by the Spanish Association of Engineers in Telecommunications.Madrid, October, 2004.

Award for “research and promoting research at the university”.

This award is presented by the Government of Catalunya.

Barcelona, July 2003.


IBM Faculty Partnership Award (FPA) for the research project


“Power-PC VMX-Vector Architecture”.

May 2003.


Fellow of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery),


November 2002.

Citation: “For contributions to the design of vector, superscalar, and VLIW architectures, and technical leadership”.


Intel Distinguished Research Fellow


“in recognition of his extraordinary efforts to stablish a long term collaboration between the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and Intel Corporation leading to the formation of Intel Labs Barcelona”,

since September 2002.


First Award “Distintion FibIT to recognize research” presented by the Cercle FIBER,


the Association of graduates students of the Computer Science Faculty (FIB) of Barcelona.

May, 2002


“Julio Rey Pastor” Award, October, 2001.


This is the first Spanish National Award to recognize research in Mathematics and/or IT Technologies.

The Award is given by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, and was presented by the King of Spain.


Fellow of the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers),


since January 2001.

Citation: “For contributions to the design of vector architectures ans superscalar processors”.


“Favourite Son” of his birth town,


Alfamén (Zaragoza), Spain,

since August 1998.


“Rey Jaime I” Award in Basic Research, November of 1997.


Award is given by the “Generalitat de Valencia” and was presented by the Queen of Spain.

This is one of the most prestigious awards in Spain. Several Nobel Prizes Laureates are members of the Jury.


“Salva i Campillo” Award to the best Telecommunication Engineer,


January 1996.

Award is presented by the Catalan Association of Telecommunication Engineers.


Founding and youngest member of the Spanish Academy of Engineering,


since December 1994 until December 2008.


“Narcis Monturiol” Award in Basic Research in Catalonia,


April 1994.

This award is presented by the Government of the “Generalitat de Catalunya”.


“City of Barcelona” Award, in Technology,


February 1994.

Received on behalf of the CEPBA (European Center for Parallel Computers in Barcelona).


“Fundación Universidad-Empresa” Award to laureate the European University Department with the best Research and Development projects in the European ESPRIT framework.


Received as a member of the Computer Architecture Department at UPC.

Year 1993.


“Mundo Electrónico”


Award to the second best paper on research published during 1986.


“Mundo Electrónico”


Award for the best paper on research published in this Journal during 1983.


“Hombre Informático Español”.


Award presented by the CHIP Magazine,



“Olympiad in Mathematics” Award.


Presented by the Spanish Royal Society in Mathematics,