PhD Programmes

BSC offers the opportunity to study for a PhD in topics related to High Performance Computing and to its application to Life Sciences, Earth Sciences and Physical Sciences in a recognised Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence.  

Students will enjoy a unique environment to develop their PhD at BSC since it is one of the leading supercomputing centres in Europe that hosts the IBM-BSC Technology Center for Supercomputing, the Intel-BSC Exascale Lab and the BSC-Microsoft Research Center. Moreover, BSC is also a key provider of training in High Performance Computing as PRACE Advanced Training Center (PATC) and CUDA Center of Excellence (CCOE), and has a close relationship with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech.

One of the key benefits of joining BSC to carry out PhD studies is the BSC mentoring programme, which is a collaborative effort that aims to introduce mentees to existing professional and subject related networks, to develop their work-related capabilities and to facilitate their ability to make informed decisions on their career development.

PhD students are also able to take part in the annual BSC International Doctoral Symposium, which provides specialised training and represents a forum in which PhD students and postdoc researchers can present the results and findings of their research work through talks, poster sessions and discussions.

Below are some of the programs currently affiliated (without associate status) to BSC:

PhD opportunities

BSC has exiting opportunities for PhD studies in the areas of Supercomputing, HPC or the application areas of Life Sciences, Earth Sciences and Computer Applications in Science and Engineering. In collaboration with “la Caixa” Foundation, CONACYT, “Marie Curie” and "Juan de la Cierva” programs and various research projects and networks we offer doctoral and postdoc fellowships.