Active Archive

The Active Archive is long-term storage (an archive), not directly accessible from the HPC machines. It is used from any HPC machine through a batch system using special commands developed by the BSC operations team (dtcp, dttar, dtmv).

The active archive file system is mounted in the path /gpfs/archive and has the following specific features:

  • Based in hard drives
  • 3.8 PB GPFS Filesystem
  • Group quota enabled
  • Metadata replicated
  • Blocsize = 1MB

The hardware for this long-term storage is:

  • 12x GPFS Servers (x3550 M4) with 16GB RAM
  • 10x Data Storage Blocks
    • 1 DCS3700 Controller  + 2 EXP3700
    • 180x NL SASA 3TB 3.5'' 7.2K rpm (60 disks per enclosure)
    • Block Capacity: 540 TB raw
  • 10x Client SErvers (x3550 M4) with 128 GB RAM
  • 3x Metadata Blocks
    • 1 DS3512 Controler + 6 EXP 3512
    • 77x SAS 600 GB 3.5'' 15K rpm
    • DATA: 5.45PB raw (4.1 PB Net)
    • METADATA: 135TB raw (67 TB Net)