Access to Eduroam

Eduroam is an initiative from TERENA which facilitates mobility of European researchers and students by offering 'wifi' connectivity in a number of institutions abroad. As such, users from institutions participating in Eduroam can access the Internet through the wireless networks of all participating institutions.

  • Access Method

    The only authentication method permitted at BSC-CNS for accessing the Eduroam network is 802.1x.

    802.1x is one of the most secure authentication standards. Client software is necessary to establish an authentication session. TERENA recommends this protocol to ensure that only authenticated users can access network resources.

  • How to access

    To access the BSC-CNS wireless service, it is necessary to use a username and password.

    You should add your institution domain (e.g. to identify yourself correctly within the international Eduroam network.

    Identification: username@domain / password

  • Configuration

    To access BSC-CNS wireless networks you should configure your computer with a wifi card following the:

    Linux guide or Windows guide

  • Access point locations

    All BSC-CNS buildings have wireless coverage.

    Locations map

  • Operations scheme

    Eduroam Radius Hierarchy Protocol

  • Support address

    The wireless or Eduroam support address is eduroam [at] bsc [dot] es.