Mission and Values


The mission of the BSC-CNS is to research, implement, manage and transfer technology and knowledge in the area of HPC with the aim of facilitating progress in a variety of scientific fields, and with a special emphasis on Computer, Life, Earth and Engineering Sciences.

The main objectives of the centre are:

  • Scientific and technical excellence
    • To be a centre of excellence at international level.
    • To promote cooperation between multidisciplinary groups.
    • To attract and retain national and international talent.
    • To be a leader in the innovative application of computation to non-conventional fields.
  • Support for e-science in Spain
    • To provide competitive, Europe-wide HPC resources.
    • To be the Spanish leader in providing support for access to supercomputing infrastructure.
    • To participate actively on the supercomputing stage at international level.
  • Wealth creation
    • To facilitate technological transfer.
    • To promote the development of the knowledge society.
    • To maintain effective resource management.

Values and competencies

The BSC-CNS is committed to establishing and maintaining the conditions that will ensure continuing access to the knowledge that people need for professional growth. Within this framework, values have been defined that exemplify its corporate competencies:

  • Ethics and honesty
    • To work with integrity and rigour, striving at all times to do what is correct and demanding utmost honesty of ourselves and the people around us.
    • To respect people, the community and the environment.
    • To offer the same opportunities in an environment in which diversity is a source of incalculable value.
  • Responsibility and commitment
    • To apply logic and common sense to seeking, analysing and offering the best possible response to all that we undertake to achieve.
    • To strive to make a contribution through our mission, objectives, high performance and continuous learning.
    • To be motivated to be at our best and to uphold the values of the centre.
    • To aspire to and achieve personal and professional leadership in our relationships.
  • Excellence and quality
    • To apply effective solutions for attaining optimum results to make us highly credible people and teams.
    • To be non-conformist and to seek the highest quality information and decision-making with the aim of achieving maximum effectiveness.
  • Enthusiasm and anticipation
    • To understand that challenges are opportunities and to imbue all that we do with passion and optimism.
    • To offer personal attention to the people with whom we interact.
  • Innovation
    • The defining characteristic of our culture is to maintain a creative attitude in all our activities in order to make the greatest impact possible and to support the development potential of our staff. To be positive and flexible in the face of change and to promote a dynamic environment so as to overcome all challenges.
  • Collective identity and teamwork
    • To cooperate to build solid, loyal relationships with each other so as to obtain synergies and alliances that produce multidisciplinary results.
    • To listen, discuss and share the curiosity needed to investigate and discover new challenges for the BSC-CNS.