Testimonials & Awards

Being part of BSC is an experience. Here, some students  who have enjoyed scholarships offered by BSC tell us what it was like for them. 

MARC RIERA - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Severo Ochoa Scholarship Awarded in September 2013

“I wanted to specialise more in computer architecture so I search for master's courses related to this topic. I found that the Master in Research and Innovation (MIRI) and more specifically the specialisation in High Performance Computing (HPC) was the most appropriate as it contains various topics on computer architecture with teachers that work or have worked in the area, and also offers the opportunity to continue with a PhD related to the topic.

The course taught me more concepts about the architecture of a real computer and how a supercomputer works. The scholarship has helped me to get to know very good professionals in the area of Computer Architecture and Supercomputing, and I have been able to join a research group and collaborate in a European project which has also allowed me to continue with a PhD.” 

DIEGO DÁVILA - Universidad Autónoma de San Luís Potosí, Mexico
Severo Ochoa Scholarship Awarded in September 2014

“The main reason I decided to study this Master was to acquire the capacity to develop new algorithms and software to help to solve the biggest questions of humanity.

I worked as a volunteer in a molecular biology department for few months doing DNA analysis and so I know this is great need for code optimisation and new software development in this research area.

The way this scholarship helps me is that it lets me focus on my studies without having to worry about working to earn money. I know that several classmates have to do a part-time job and they are having difficulties due to the lack of time. This course is very demanding so the best way to succeed on it is by being a full-time student. I would like to say that without this scholarship I would not have been able to come here to study this course and I am very grateful that I was selected to receive this support.”

SANDRA MACIÀ - Universitat de Barcelona
Severo Ochoa Scholarship Awarded in September 2014

“Due to my strong academic background in physics and mathematics I chose the Master in High Performance Computing since it perfectly suits and complements my profile and career prospects. My ultimate goal is to work with research based groups with top-level scientists in applied mathematics and physics in an HPC environment as well as in local universities in order to improve research and human resource capacity building through training.

Since I am not in a position to finance a master's course by myself, the scholarship has allowed me to pursue my studies and training in my home country. Regardless  of the financial aspect, the scholarship has allowed me to discover several research groups at BSC and their research lines. A huge world of scientific and technological research has been opened up to me. The Severo Ochoa scholarship has given me the privilege to collaborate with one of these groups, of my choice, in order to do my MSc thesis research.”

PEDRO BENEDICTE - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Severo Ochoa Scholarship Awarded in September 2014

“When I finished my degree in Informatics Engineering I knew I wanted to keep learning more about some specific areas such as computer architecture and high performance computing. After a lot of consideration, the Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics seemed the best option: not only does it have a lot of specialised courses on my topics of interest, but its professors are internationally recognised in their respective fields.

Combining the Master full-time with a job is not easy, but the education team at BSC has always been very supportive, giving personalised advice and feedback on both academic studies as well as other general enquiries. They put a special focus on extracurricular training, encouraging us to take on focused training and development courses or even longer summer stays, such as the HIPEAC summer school.”

DAVID TRILLA - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Severo Ochoa Scholarship Awarded in September 2014

“The main motivation for applying for the MsC MIRI was that it suited perfectly my needs in relation to to my future career. The specialisation courses allowed me to focus on advanced concepts of my domain and the knowledge on the research area provides deep understanding about how research works.

To me, being granted this scholarship has given me the necessary encouragement to take the course with confidence. The support given by the Severo Ochoa Programme at BSC and the staff's willingness to help were also very encouraging.”

CRISTÓBAL ORTEGA - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Severo Ochoa Scholarship Awarded in September 2014

“When I started to study at the University, I realised that what I liked the most was to do research.  The education I was getting was focused along those lines in that we were more or less independent in the sense that we had to search for information and work out how to do things.  So from my first year until I graduated I was getting more and more focused  on research, and the Master in MIRI was exactly what I needed to be able to do it.

I am finding it a good experience, nothing has changed too much since I did my degree in the same university (FIB – UPC), so I already know the campus, people, professors… But the scholarship helped in the sense that it allowed me to start to work with really good people in the field; actually I am learning a lot from these people.”