Finance and Accounting

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The Finance and Accounting Group is responsible for financial resource management of all activities of BSC-CNS (expenses, budgets, audits, bank relations, suppliers, receiving payments and control budget deviations). According to existing financial legislation and accountancy norms, they manage and safeguard the centre's funds and assets, with support from the Administration Group. The Group also prepares financial reports for project audits in coordination with the Project Management Office and principal researchers.

Due to the economic environment and public funding delays we have had to increase the role of controller and we have been working on the automation of certain data analysis, exploitation processes and we have also introduced the semiannual follow-up of the finance indicators. At the same time they constinuouly worked on some kind of process improvement in electronic management in order to provide finance services according to new regulations applicable to our business, such as electronic invoicing and evaluation of digital signature systems.