Volcanic ash dispersal modelling. The model was originally developed for inert volcanic particles (tephra) and has a track record of 50+ publications on different model applications and code validation, as well as an ever-growing community of users worldwide, including academia, private, research, and several institutions tasked with operational forecast of volcanic ash clouds.

Software Author: 

Arnau Folch (BSC)

Antonio Costa (INGV)

Giovanni Macedonio (INGV)





GPL License (Version 3.0 or later)

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Fall 3D is a serial/parallel (MPI) Eulerian model for the transport and deposition of volcanic tephra developed and maintained at CASE Department of the BSC-CNS. The model solves the advection-diffusion-sedimentation equation using a Finite Differences (FD) explicit scheme and can be used both to reproduce past events and to forecast on-going events (operational mode). The model has a wide community of users worldwide, including academia, research and operational institutions (e.g. the Buenos Aires Volcanic Ash Advisory Center in Argentina).