Excellence Career Opportunities

There are a number of calls for postdoctoral positions from bodies such as ICREA and CONACYT, for which we can support your application or you can apply directly (not through BSC-CNS).



ICREA, Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies, is a foundation supported by the Catalan Government and guided by a Board of Trustees. ICREA was created in response to the need to seek new hiring formulas that would make it possible to compete with other research systems on a similar footing by focusing on hiring only the most talented and extraordinary scientists and academics.

ICREA is an institution without walls. It works hand in hand with Catalan universities and research centres to integrate ICREA research professors in the Catalan research system.

ICREA offers permanent, tenured positions to researchers from all over the world to come and work in Catalonia. Over the years these positions have become a synonym of global academic excellence.

ICREA offers new research positions every year and continues to promote research in Catalonia. Cooperation, international openness and excellence are ICREA’s hallmarks.

ICREA employs more than 255 researchers in all fields of knowledge, from philosophers to astrophysicists, that perform their research in 50 different host institutions in Catalonia.

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With the purpose of strengthening the knowledge of postdoctoral researchers, the “Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología” (Conacyt) and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación have a collaboration agreement which allows Mexican postdoctoral researchers to do a placement of 12 months, with a possibility of a 1 year extension, to carry out researche at BSC-CNS in strategic research areas such as Software Engineering assisted by the Supercomputer, Computer Sciences,  Life Sciences and Earth Sciences.

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Other career opportunities through the BSC network

BSC Folks

Since BSC-CNS was founded in 2005, many people have contributed to the Centre’s growth through their skills and experience. BSC-CNS keeps in touch with all of them with the BSC Folks web platform, where you can find other career opportunities thanks to this network. Please find below the link with the current vacancies:

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Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

Postdoctoral fellowships programme - Junior Leader la Caixa

The new postdoctoral fellowships programme, Junior Leader “la Caixa”, is aimed at hiring excellent researchers—of any nationality—who wish to continue their research career in Spanish territory on any discipline. Sponsored by Obra Social ”la Caixa”, the objectives of this programme are to foster high-quality, innovative research in Spain and to support the best scientific talents by providing them with an attractive, competitive environment in which to conduct excellent research:

Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme


INPhINIT "La Caixa" fellowship programme

INPhINIT is a new doctoral fellowship programme devoted to attracting international Early-Stage Researchers to the top Spanish research centres in the areas of Bio and Health Sciences, Physics, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. INPhINIT is promoted by the "la Caixa" Foundation with the aim of supporting the best scientific talent and fostering innovative and high-quality research in Spain by recruiting outstanding international students and offering them an attractive and competitive environment for conducting research of excellence.

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STARS: SupercompuTing And Related applicationS Fellows Programme

STARS programme aims at fostering the training of highly skilled post-doc in all fields of High Performance Computing and related applications. The programme will award 20 outstanding post-doctorate researchers of all nationalities with 24-month INCOMING fellowships, providing them with all necessary tools for developing their potentials, deepening their skills and knowledge in a stimulating, international and interdisciplinary environment, and offering them intersectorial short secondments (1-3 months) with private industry or non-academic research centres in order to boost their career perspectives as successful independent researchers.

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BSC International Summer HPC Internship

BSC International Summer HPC Internship Programme

The BSC International Summer HPC Internship Programme, thanks to the Seveo Ochoa award, looks for outstanding Undergraduate Students in order to conduct a summer research experience at the BSC. The main goal of this programme is to encourage students, from any nationality, in the path of a scientific career and to introduce them to an HPC environment.

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