Why work at BSC?

BSC-CNS is an institution of prestige and a scientific leader at national and European level. At BSC-CNS you will have the opportunity to integrate into a team of international scientific reputation.

BSC-CNS offers a future rich in opportunities and growth on both a personal and professional level.

Seeking innovative professionals

We are on the lookout for innovative, dynamic, and versatile professionals. We champion Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, cultivating an environment where everyone is valued for who they are, irrespective of their differences. We treasure diverse experiences and skills, and you could bring unique perspectives to our team.

Training Plan & Career Development

BCS-CNS is deeply committed to fostering the careers of its staff. The professionals who join the center bring with them a strong commitment to developing an upwardly mobile career path that must be maintained continually over time.

The Career Plan at BSC-CNS aligns each member’s professional growth aspirations with the center’s objectives, simplifying the identification of training needs and shaping the center’s annual Training Plan. We offer various programs and training opportunities to promote and facilitate career-oriented professional development for students, junior researchers, senior researchers and team leaders. Our approach combines internal knowledge, academic and teaching activities with support from universities and other international research centers:

  • Annual Training Plan: Includes training in soft skills, technical skills, and internal seminars. Participate in a comprehensive training plan with a focus on gender, interculturality, and diversity. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the Well-being programme, with specific training focusing in mental health at work.
  • PhD Programme: BSC provides the opportunity to pursue a PhD in topics related to High Performance Computing and its applications in Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Physical Sciences at a recognized Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence.
  • Advanced training: specialized courses and seminars.
  • Seasonal Schools and Intensive Programmes: BSC organises and hosts seasonal schools aimed at advanced students and which provide short-term intensive programmes on specialised areas of interest that are linked to the usage of High Performance resources.
Additionally, BSC-CNS has an annual performance evaluation system. This system periodically sets progress milestones for individuals in their roles, ensuring that the Annual Training Plan and individual training courses align with staff members' needs and objectives.

BSC Perks

  • Restaurant Tickets

    The centre offers all staff Restaurant Tickets for each day worked in the form of a card credited with the total amount allocated for a given period. You will be able to use this debit card in a wide list of stablishments all around Barcelona, and Spain.

    Also, all staff has access to the university dining rooms on the UPC campus.

  • Private Health Insurance
    The centre offers private healthcare coverage to workers and their families. The BSC-CNS pays 80% of the worker’s contribution and the remaining 20% is deducted from the salary. You can include a dental insurance too. It is possible to insure family members at a competitive cost.
  • Flexible Compensation Plan
    BSC offers all its employees a Flexible Compensation Plan by allowing them to decide how they want to receive their gross salary: either wholly via the salary payroll, or partially via payroll and partially via products offered by the company such Transport Ticket or Childcare Ticket.
  • Working time flexibility
    A full-time represents 37,5 working hours a week. BSC offers the possibility to start between 8:00 and 10:00 am. For more flexibility, with 30 minutes up to 2 hours lunch break, and leaving accordingly to the entrance and lunch break.
    As work-life balance measure and fruit of the centre's equality and diversity plan, BSC offer the possibility to work from home up to three days per week under the conditions established in the center’s policy.
  • UPC Digital Identity
    Under the plan to integrate the research centres linked to the UPC, the university offers BSC-CNS personnel the possibility of having a UPC digital identity. This allows you to enjoy a variety of benefits, such as access to the university libraries, and to discounts and services offered to members of the campus.
  • Social Activities Plan
    Each year, the BSC-CNS approves and co-finances an activity plan proposed by the staff. The aim is to promote relationships between staff from different departments through their participation in leisure activities outside working hours and therefore foster cohesion among staff and promote the centre’s values. You will enjoy playing football, basketball, attending to cultural activities, etc.
  • Relocation & VISA Sponsorship
    Our mobility experts will provide you support on issues such as visa paperwork, administrative requirements, and practical information on living and working in Barcelona, etc. You can also check our tips about living in Barcelona.
    If you are moving to Barcelona, you may be eligible for relocation expenses, and also support to foster work placement for your spouse/family when settling in Barcelona.
  • Language Courses
    BSC is commited to fostering a multilingual environment and promoting a more inclusive and cohesive working environment. All BSC staff has access Catalan, Spanish, and English courses.

  • BSC facilities and offices
    Cutting edge facilities and a brand new building designed to make you feel more than comfortable during your work day. Check how Marenostrum 4 used to look HERE.

See here an example of our Training Sessions: