B-Debate: In silico human simulation


Date: 18/Sep/2013

Place: Cosmocaixa

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In silico Humans is a meeting organized by the joint IRB-BSC program on computational biology in the context of the B-Debate series of meetings (http://www.bdebate.org/). B-Debate is a high prestigious initiative of the International Center for Scientific Debate in Barcelona, that is organized a few number of high-profile meetings every year to discuss hot research topics from multiple points of view. The idea of the current meeting is to bring together a small number of scientific leaders and policy makers in both private and public institutions to debate on the current state and future of human simulation. We will discuss scientific topics regarding simulations (from atomistic to whole organism level), and also parallel topics such as the evolution of computers, the impact of this research in pharma and biotech companies, and the actions that are planned from public and private research institutions to fuel this new kind of research. Register now!



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