PRACE Autumn School 2010

Date: 25/Oct/2010 - 29/Oct/2010 Time:

Cost: Courses will be free of charge The number of seats for all participants is limited. Please if you want attend fill out before September 15th the Registration form (CLOSED) Given the high number of applications received to date and the limitation of the number of places offered, applications to Tracks A and C shall be subject to evaluation and judged on a case-by-case basis. The accepted candidates will be communicated by Monday 20th September.

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To evangelise on the usage of HPC technologies in general and application development in particular. The event should aim to expand and intensify the existing ecosystem of scientists who use HPC technologies. To this end, the school should be attractive for a heterogeneous audience, covering lectures on topics ranging from basic concepts on programming frameworks to specialised tools and techniques for advanced users. In order to cope with an heterogeneous audience, the school should run parallel sessions.