Gender Equity Plan (GEP)

The BSC reiterates its commitment to the establishment and development of policies that integrate the equity of treatment and opportunities between men and women, without direct or indirectly discriminating based on gender or other aspects. The BSC values diversity and equal opportunities in its staff regardless of their of their origin, culture, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, family situation, etc. And develops measures to achieve this objective within our organisation and establish it as a stategic principle of our corporate and Human Resources policy. In accordance with the Organic law, of March 22, for effective equality, the BSC has the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Unit and the Equity Commission. The current Gender Equity Plan (2022-2025) brings together all existing and planned measures for the promotion of women in different fields of action to achieve their profesional goals and aspirations, regardless to their gender or sex.

The Commission of Equity is made up of six members, three women and three men, responding to criteria of representativeness and transversality. A representation of various positions (Group leader, doctoral student, Postdoc…) is reflected, and areas in the institution (Dept. Computer Aplications, Computer Sciences, Operations, Earth Sciences, HR), with the aim of gathering differential needs and facilitating maximum dissemination of the process and results.

The members of the Equity and Diversity Commission are: Nataly Buslón, Kim Serradell, Marta García, Valentina Sicardi, David Vicente, Pedro A. González, María José Rementeria, Alejandro Ortiz, Anna Martin, Eloy Martinez y Pedro Martínez.

Nataly Buslón

Kim Serradell

Marta García

Valentina Sicardi

David Vicente

Pedro A. González

María José Rementeria

Alejandro Ortiz

Anna Martin

Pedro Martínez

If you want contact with the Comission of Equity you can send an-email to ED_Commission [at] bsc [dot] es

For any questions or information you can write to the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Unit at Nataly [dot] buslon [at] bsc [dot] es