Bojos per la supercomputació

Students of the current edition of Bojos per la Supercomputació, during the presentation of the Bojos per la Ciència 2019-2020

The Bojos per la Supercomputació, organized by Barcelona Supercomputing Center in collaboration with the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera, offers a complete programme that aims at showing the multidisciplinary research undertaken at the MareNostrum supercomputer. The course is directed toward first-year “bachillerato” students (equivalent to UK A Level) with a special interest in the areas related to the supercomputing and new technologies.

The course includes 20 sessions, with theoretical lectures and practical activities (programming). Students can deepen their knowledge in programming, simulations, mathematics, artificial intelligence, smartcities, personalized medicine, climate change or quantum computing. 

The course is designed for first-year “bachillerato” students, who can apply for the course through their education provider. Those who pass the first stage of selection will need to attend a face-to-face interview. A maximum of 25 students will then be chosen for each course.

Applications have to be submitted here, starting in September. More information about Bojos per la Supercomputació here.

First class of Bojos per la Supercomputació