Curricula Development and Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Professional Training

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We develop multidisciplinary curricula, as well as Quality Assurance methodologies and studies. We design and implement quality assurance regulations and activities.


Action research on:

  • Multidisciplinary curricula development (including but not limited to embedding Data Analytics and Computational Science research methods on Professional Training /Postgraduate /Undergraduate level)
  • Roadmaps development based on learning outcomes
  • Designing professional training curricula routes for the “Individual Learning Path” linked with the BSC Mentoring program
  • Syllabus and Learning Activities Design for Diversifying the HPC Training Program student body
  • Quality Assurance methodologies and studies, design and implementation of quality assurance regulations and activities


Large scale computing in science and industry has become an indispensable way to tackle societal and scientific grand challenges, and to address the needs of industry to innovate in products and services. One of the central missions of BSC as the leading Supercomputing centre in Spain is to train and educate researchers with HPC career path from academia and industry, and those from the supercomputing scientific users’ communities. The Education and Training team of BSC supports the design and organisation of training courses by developing and implementing appropriate teaching methods and conducting quality assurance studies.