Education and Training

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There is a long-standing tradition of BSC leadership on training initiatives at national and European level due to the fact that one of the main commitments of BSC is to offer an education and training programme to students, researchers and the industry. This programme benefits from BSC's unique role as HPC provider and R&D centre, making the most of its leading expertise in Computer, Life, Earth & Physical Sciences as well as in the internally developed technologies.


The Education programme has been developed so as to take advantage of the close relationship that BSC-CNS has with UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech), and in particular with the FIB (Barcelona School of Informatics), which creates a unique opportunity for trainees who wish to continue their studies to take a BSC-led postgraduate programme at master's or PhD level. Also, to facilitate talent capture and retention and to support local universities in the development of postgraduate programmes tuned to the needs of the HPC industry and supercomputing as research areaa, BSC is involved in the design and delivery of the HPC stream of the MIRI (Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics) master's programme and other HPC-related courses at bachelor's and master's level.

The Professional Training Program is based on a set of core courses from the PATC curriculum complemented by a myriad of ad-hoc courses that are provided on and off BSC premises, by BSC members, for a variety of audiences.

The Education and Training department at BSC is fully dedicated to establishing a curriculum based on cutting-edge scientific research and development of models, software tools and simulation environments for High Performance Computing and application areas, targeting research communities and industry with supercomputing needs. This curriculum includes:

  • Master’s Degree in High Performance Computing
  • PhD opportunities
  • Master and bachelor final project placements
  • Mobility Programmes
  • Specialised training courses organised by the PRACE Advanced Training Center and the CUDA Center of Excellence
  • Scientific seminars and training courses organised by the RES (the Spanish Supercomputing Network)
  • Training by the HiPEAC network of excellence
  • BSC and Severo Ochoa Research Seminar Series