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vCity is a people-centric platform for Urban Digital Twins that we are developing with the aim of contributing to the growth of fairer and more sustainable cities, ready to adapt to whatever the future brings.

vCity is human-centric through its socio-technical approach; it is honest, because a platform that can influence society must be transparent, traceable and auditable; and it will be modular, re-usable software that is adaptable to new urban environments and their multiple stakeholders.

It is a holistic platform, which allows different scenarios to be built and linked together. Bike way network, air quality, urban mobility, sustainability or proximity city are some of the components that we will be able to consider.

vCity will provide policy makers with a complete vision of the city, enabling them to make informed decisions that improve the quality of life of citizens, and citizens will also be able to access the platform to understand and participate in the decisions that affect their lives.