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Supercomputing and eScience

This documentary talks about the impact of supercomputers both in science and our daily lives.

Through interviews and data visualizations we are taken through a variety of research projects carried out in the framework of the european project Supercomputación y eCiencia. The research lines shown go from molecular dynamics applied to understanding cancer, to the study of supernovas, and passing through current hot topics such as personalized medicine, wind farm optimization, nanotechnology, and fluid simulation.

Special care is taken in the visualization of simulations: All the images that illustrate them are obtained directly from simulation data, reaching the highest possible visual and aesthetic quality, while maintaining legibility and without diminishing their technical value.

In a pedagogical but rigorous tone , and with polished realization, the video explains how supercomputing acts as a catalyzer thanks to which we can develop the ideas that will shape our future.

English version

Spanish version

Catalan version