s2dverification (seasonal to decadal verification) is an R framework that aids in the analysis of forecasts from the data retrieval stage, through computation of statistics and skill scores against observations, to visualisation of data and results. While some of its components are only targeted to verification of seasonal to decadal climate forecasts, it provides tools that can be useful for verification of forecasts in any field.

Find out more in the overview below, on the wiki page or on the CRAN website.
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Software Author: 

Virginie Guemas, Nicolau Manubens, Louis-Philippe Caron, Verónica Torralba, Chloé Prodhomme, Martin Ménégoz, Javier Garcia-Serrano, Fabian Lienert, Ludovic Auger, Isabel Andreu-Burillo



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  • Autosubmit is a Python-based workflow manager to create, manage and monitor complex tasks involving different substeps, such as scientific computational experiments. These workflows may involve multiple computing systems for their completion, from HPCs to post-processing clusters or workstations. Autosubmit can orchestrate all the tasks integrating the workflow by managing their dependencies, interfacing with all the platforms involved, and handling eventual errors.